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We have developed trusted relationships with our clients and their office managers, and provide on-going staff support by filling personnel needs with the most highly qualified dental professionals.Dental People draws on its expertise to ensure your business receives a perfect
fit every time our employees staff your practice. Our pool of candidates is the ideal resource for seasonal or project staffing that addresses your permanent, or short or long-term needs. Whether you are looking to staff a replacement for one of your employees going on medical leave, or need a quick fill-in for a sick staff, Dental People can be your go-to. Our access to top-notch dental professionals ensures that your organization maintains peak productivity. Read what some of our clients have to say about us.

Dental People provides the following service advantages for you:

  • Available 24/7 for staff coverage needs. Any reason, any time, we will find the right dental professional for your office.
  • Permanent and temporary placements available.
  • Dentists (DDS), Dental Hygienists (RDH), Dental Assistants (RDA), and Office Support Personnel who are experienced in the software and specialties you need.
  • Follow-up after each placement to make sure each candidate was a perfect match.
  • Dental People provides Error & Omission (malpractice) Insurance, as well as Workers Compensation Insurance coverage, for all Dental People employees placed at your offices. We do not use 1099 independent contractors to insure compliance with all insurance coverage and state compliance.
  • All payroll taxes and reports are handled by Dental People, saving you time from this administrative headache.
  • We perform an extensive interview process for all of our employees, your candidates, including the proper verification of licenses, certifications, references and background checks.
  • Place an order online for Dental People to find the right candidate for your practice.Or call us at (952) 473-9457


Dental People allows your office to provide complete, uninterrupted service by providing the staff precisely when you need it most. This prevents you from rescheduling patients, which protects your dental practice revenue and keeps your appointments. We know the intricacies of dental practices, and know the people we place in our client’s dental offices well beyond their resume. Our employees are able to step seamlessly into a dental practice to fill in while a regular employee is on vacation, ill or on leave. Dental People will follow-up with you after every placement to make sure each match is perfect. No payroll tax, worker compensation or unemployment issues to deal with since they are completely covered for all Dental People employees.

We extensively interview each of our employees, in addition to comprehensive reference and background checks, so you can focus on running your practice. Employers know that high-quality employees are extremely difficult to find, regardless of economic times. It is expensive and time consuming to attract, hire, and retain top-tier candidates when money and time are spent running ads, as well as shifting through resumes and interviewing candidates who might not be even perfectly qualified. For many employers, “time” is the most expensive element in the hiring process; because you can never get it back once it’s gone. Dental People offers:


We give you access to premium temporary dental professionals with the specialties you need, for the time you need. At any time during the contract period, your dental office may choose to have us replace the temporary employee with a more suitable candidate. We are committed to serving your office needs. Should your needs expand, our employees can be considered for a full-time position with your office.


A Contract-to-Hire dental professional works as contract employee at your office for a set period of time, after which you can hire the candidate permanently without an acquisition fee. The Contract-to-Hire dental professional remains an employee of Dental People during this period, which allows the office to establish if the employee is a good fit for the office. Your company also has the option to hire the employee at any time during contract period for an acquisition fee based upon a prorated sliding scale.


Today’s dental practices depend upon exceptional Direct-Hire placements and Dental People specializes in recruiting these high-caliber associates. With our wide network of dental relationships, we maintain a pool of individuals and consistently fill your Direct-Hire needs in a fraction of the time or cost other sources demand. Simply share your direct-hire requirements with a dental search consultant.

Dental People’s extensive interview process includes:

  • face-to-face interview
  • professional reference checks
  • criminal background checks
  • verification of credentials & one-year minimum experience in specialty
  • verification of Minnesota licenses to practice dentistry and dental hygiene
  • assessment of candidate’s professional strengths and abilities

Testimonials from our Clients:

I have used Dental People very successfully to find both temporary and permanent staff. Barbara is very easy to work with. She gets results. When I am ready to hire my next staff person, Dental People will be the first call I will make. – Scott Shamblott, DDS

Dental People provide my practices with a pool of temporary employees which exceed our daily needs. They are able to accommodate us in a very responsive manner, which help us keep our schedules productive and patients are pleased with the service their staff provides. The employees that the Dental People provide us with are quality people, and arrive with an understanding of our requirements of them so there were no surprises to the task requested. -Tina Funari, Practice Manager

Usually, when a dental hygienist isn’t able to make it into work, I find out early in the morning or late at night – and almost always at the last minute – but Dental People is always there to help They know precisely what we’re looking for and always provides people that meet or exceed our expectations. Barbara is exceptionally professional, responsible and diligent; in a word – fabulous. – Bettina VerHalen, Practice Manager